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One side topographic marked with footpaths, ski trails, ski lifts, camp sites, picnic sites, mountain huts, also notable features in the landscape.
Other side further information, additional words and pics of notable features, mountain huts etc.
Suva Mountains with the Gorges of the Jelašnicka River on a detailed contoured map at 1:55,000, plus extensive information on the tourist facilities in the area with colour photos of mountain shelters, notes on fauna and flora, etc.
The map has contours at 20m intervals with relief shading and colouring for woodlands. Different levels of protection zones are marked and areas where hunting is allowed are indicated. An overprint highlights waymarked hiking trails including the 130km long-distance trail across the Niš range. Also marked are different types of tourist accommodation including campsites and hunting lodges, paragliding sites, skiing areas, etc. The map has latitude and longitude lines at intervals of 5’. Map legend includes English.
On the reverse are extensive bilingual notes on the area and its tourist facilities illustrated with numerous photos.